May 26, 2010

"Fancy" Hot Dogs

Apologies for the blurry picture...

So I was very intrigued by this dish and excited to try it. I found it on Simply Recipes, which is a popular food blog (I think the woman who runs it, Elise, is also working on a cookbook right now). She describes it as beef stroganoff with hot dogs in the place of the beef. Um, yum! But, after making the recipe, I would not describe the dish that way. Although, if you look at her picture, the sauce is much thicker than mine. (What's that you say, you can't even see the sauce in my picture? Exactly! It was very thin and just fell to the bottom of the pile o' food.) 

My other problem was that I used almost an entire onion and her recipe calls for only 1 cup, so it ended up being an onion dish with a side of hot dogs. (When Marshal Mike was finished, all that remained on his plate was a pile of onions. Woops! Sorry, babe!) I also used 7 hot dogs because the package I bought had 7 hot dogs in it. (Why oh why would a company sell hot dogs in a pack of 7? What a bizarre number.) But it looks like my hot dogs were skinner than the ones Elise used, so maybe that all evened out. 

Anyway, the dish tasted good (salty, beefy hot dogs, buttery noodles, fresh, crisp parsley - what's not to love? On a side note, I really love parsley. I could just eat it by itself right off the stem.). (Another side note to my friend Nicole: When MM saw the parsley on top of the food he said, "Oh, the parsley makes it look so fancy." And all I could think of was Sunny Anderson on her ridiculous show exclaiming how fancy parsley makes a dish!) But it was definitely missing something. We agreed that the addition of some vegetable would have made it taste better (and better for us). And maybe the use of mascarpone instead of sour cream. Or even Greek yogurt. (Side note alert! I love this Real Simple recipe for Beef Stroganoff with Yogurt and Dill. Maybe I should go work for Real Simple, I certainly hawk their recipes often enough.)

Anyway, I will try this recipe again with some adjustments. Best thing about it was that it came really quickly. And was a good excuse to eat hot dogs for dinner, of course!

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