May 2, 2010

Red Sox

Marshal Mike and I went to the Red Sox game in Baltimore last night.
 How did I manage to pick a night when Varitek isn't playing?

What an upsetting game. The Sox were doing well up until the 5th inning when Grady Little, I mean, Terry Francona should have taken Daisuke out. Pitching coach Farrell even came out to talk to him. (Not sure what they talk about seeing as Daisuke speaks hardly any English.) Although we did have the Japanese contingency sitting behind (complete with Japanese flag and all), nothing could be done to save Daisuke's ass. He started the inning with a three run lead and when they pulled him, the Sox were down by six. Yuck. 89-year-old Wakefield came in to close the inning. Nice work. Should have been the end of his night's work. The 6th inning did not go well for him. In the end, the Sox lost 12-9. So sad. The Orioles ended up sweeping the weekend series. Sad sad sad.

However, one of the best parts of going to the park is having an excuse to eat unhealthy food! We started the night with hot dogs and mid-way through MM decided he was still hungry. On to the cheeseburger:
Action shot!

We were luck enough to be sitting in a Sox section. I heard lots of Boston accents, so I was happy. And Ortiz had a good night - two homers!
I hope this week goes better for my beloved Sox.

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