May 12, 2010

Peony Update #3

I know, I have been slacking on the peony updates. I keep meaning to take pictures of them, and then forget.
So there is good news and bad news. As you can see above, the bud is starting to open and the plant is growing nice and tall. However, as you can see from the close-up below, the edges of the petals are brown.
Not sure what the problem with the poor little thing is.
One of the other pots is looking pretty good:
You can't see it in this picture, but there is a little tiny bud on one of stems.The other random green plants are from a wildflower mix of seeds that Volkswagen sent with coupons on the side of the packet. Strange marketing gimmick, but I planted the seeds and will use the coupon next time Zeppy needs an oil change (which was a couple weeks ago - oops, haven't done that yet!).

I didn't bother with a picture of the "Home Depot" peony plant because it is still pretty small and the other random flower seeds (I should have saved the packet! I cannot for the life of me remember what I planted!) I planted along the exterior are kind of bigger than the peony plant and they have a nasty case of aphids. Ewww. I bought some eco-bug spray especially for potted plants and aphids this past weekend, but it didn't seem to do anything but make the ends of the leaves shrivel a little. I mean we have had some funky weather here in DC. It was in the 30s the past two nights, today is supposed to get into the 70s or 80s and last weekend it was so unbelievably windy you would have thought it was a hurricane, so maybe that has had something to do with it? I just don't know. All the peony plants in the neighborhood are in full bloom, so maybe next year mine will be big and pretty and fragrant like the others.

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