May 24, 2010

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

A pile of bones and fire hydrants...

So like a good mom I made Patton peanut butter dog treats this weekend. I got this recipe from an online magazine called Sweet Paul. (I tried to get Patton to pose like the dog in the picture, but he squirms too much. He'll never be a cover model.) I expected the treats to be hard like dog biscuits, but they are very soft. Patton seems to enjoy them and that's what I was hoping for. I even tried a bite of one and it tastes like dry, slightly peanut buttery bread. It is nice to know exactly what the dog is eating and knowing for certain there are no animal by-products and other nastiness in these treats!

UPDATE: We found out the hard way that these go moldy fairly quickly, so store them in the fridge!

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