March 6, 2011

Simple Vegetable Curry

I have been trying to eat more vegetables and less meat and I have been trying to actually use the recipes in the myriad food magazines to which I insist on subscribing.

This particular recipe for Simple Vegetable Curry from the October 2010 issue of Martha Stewart's "comic book" food magazine, Everyday Food, appealed to me because I love sweet potatoes and am a new convert to cauliflower. (Try this or this if you are trying to convert someone you love to cauliflower!)

My good friends Nicole and Joe (yes, of the birthday cake and cupcakes fame!) were willing dinner guests the night I tried this recipe. We all agreed it was good; it had a subtle curry flavor and the coconut milk gave it a pleasant creaminess. It certainly does not taste Indian - perhaps it is more Thai in inspiration. (I wouldn't know as the only dish I ever order at Thai restaurants is Pad Thai!)  If I make it again, I would add peas into the mix for more flavor and color. But, it worked well as a week-night meal because it came together quickly and the leftovers reheated nicely.

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