March 18, 2011

Locanda Verde

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For my final eating indulgence in New York, Jo and I went to Locanda Verde for brunch on Sunday. I feel like a broken record, but this is another place that should be on your list of NYC restaurants. There were so many things on the menu we wanted to try, but I usually can't eat a ton for my first meal of the day.

I had the Tre Stelle juice (pomegranate, blood orange and valencia orange) and the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with blueberries and meyer lemon curd. I have thought about these pancakes every day I have been home from NYC. They were light, fluffy, slightly creamy from the ricotta, pleasantly tart from the lemon and just the right amount of sweet from the blueberries. The next time I make homemade ricotta, I am finding a way to replicate these pancakes!!

Jo had the Wood-Fired Uova Al Forno with corona beans, mozzarella and black tuscan kale. Oh my, if you have never had corona beans, here is a good picture that shows how massive they are:
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Massive I tell you! Jo's dish tasted good, too, but the novelty was really the corona beans.

Then, because I just couldn't help myself, I ordered a Lemon Fennel Muffin for the train. And I happened to find a picture of it:

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Seriously? This is basically two of my favorite things combined in an easily transportable item. I shall be trying to replicate these as well. So good. And such a good eating weekend in NYC. Thanks again, Jo!

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