March 15, 2011



I cannot go any further with my New York recap without giving a shout out to Jo's super adorable roommate, Winston! I'm not going to lie, we played fetch, we snuggled. Patton and the girls were a little jealous when I got home.

On Saturday, Jo and I trekked out to Brooklyn via the Subway. (Sad side note: while waiting for the train, I was talking with my hands and managed to hit my camera and my lens cap flew off onto the tracks. It was like it was in slow motion. Jo and I gazed at it longingly, but decided we better not climb down after it.) 

We met up with my friend, Tieneke, for brunch at Buttermilk Channel. I had the "Eggs Huntington" (Buttermilk is on the corner of Huntington and Court Streets), which is not usually something I would order. I have a tendency to veer towards the sweet and carbo-loaded breakfast items, but I knew we were planning to walk back to Jo's apartment, so I figured I could use some protein. The dish was great, and it was served with a fresh side salad which afforded my tastebuds a welcome acidic cleansing after the rich egg dish.

Then it was on to the Bridge!

Brooklyn Bridge

Unfortunately they were doing some construction on it (as you can see from the white plastic lining either side) so we couldn't see much until we got to the couple circular viewing areas.

But at one point we could see the Statue of Liberty:

One of these days MM and I are going to go to Ellis Island to check it out. 

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