June 9, 2011

CSA Salad Lettuce

I decided I might as well make a salad for lunch at work with the "salad mix" lettuce from week one's CSA bag. I threw in some parsley and dried cranberries, so it wouldn't be all lettuce and whipped up an avocado dressing similar to this avocado dipping sauce. (I didn't have a lemon, so used white wine vinegar as the acid. And I forgot about the garlic. And I didn't feel like cleaning the food processor, so I just whisked it; which means I also didn't include the parsley.)

Boy was I disappointed. The lettuce was sooo bitter. Almost inedible. Luckily, the avocado dressing is flavorful and it masked some of the bitterness. I also may have used a forkful of dressing for every two pieces of lettuce...

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