April 8, 2010


Everyone has certain things they are obsessed with. For example, some people may say I am obsessed with Giada de Laurentiis (those same people also happen to call her "little big head"). I just think that she develops easy and delicious Italian recipes (my favorite type of recipe). Her Food Network shows are engaging, set in gorgeous kitchens and always use such beautiful dishes, bowls, etc. I may have also dragged my husband to the past three DC appearances she has had in the past two years, but lots of other people were there too. And I may try to find her house when we are in Santa Monica this July, but I am sure lots of people try to do that, too. Right?

I digress. This post is actually supposed to be about my husband's obsession with hibachi. Every time we talk about what we should have for dinner, he gets a glimmer in his eye and I know he is going to ask to go to hibachi. Luckily, there is a so-so hibachi restaurant very close to our house. Unluckily (for me, anyway), we go about 2-3 times per month. Don't get me wrong, the staff is always very nice, the Sapporo is always cold, but there is a limited number of times a month I want to smell like I have been fried with butter, oil and soy sauce on a flat-top grill. That number being very small. But marriage is a compromise, and my husband loves hibachi. I usually end up ordering sushi, but last night I tried a noodle dish that wasn't bad. Here is a picture of Marshal Mike's hibachi steak:
Unfortunately he thought the steak was tough. I hope they can remedy that the next time we are there, which will be in approximately 1.3 weeks.

Giada photo from Food Network

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