April 10, 2010


Hi, I'm Gaby. Mom is letting me guest blog today. 

My sister Chloe and I had an exciting day (that's Chloe in the sink - she's weird sometimes), so I thought I'd tell you about it.

The windows were open because it finally cooled down (Chloe and I were awfully cranky when it was so hot the past couple days), so we got to watch birds all day. Well, we watched for a little while. Then we were exhausted from bird watching, so we napped for a couple hours.

After napping, I decided that I should rearrange Mom's jewelry on her dresser. She loves it when I do that and always talks to me very loudly when she finds out about it. Can't wait for her to get home!

Then I pulled some food out of the automatic feeder. Chloe thinks it is annoying to have to do that, but I think it is fun. I do it even when there is food in the bowl! Chloe played with the water bowl while I was eating. She got water all over the floor; Mom's going to have lots to do when she gets home. I needed another nap after eating, so I stretched out in the afternoon sun.

Then I decided that I had such a rough day that I needed a beer to relax.
Look at my cool Red Sox bottle opener:
I love the Red Sox. I am so glad baseball season has started again. The Red Sox are going all the way this year. Oh look, Mom just got home! I have to go show her what I did today!

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