April 8, 2010

First Peony Post

Peonies are my favorite flower and they aren't the easiest to find in flower shops around here. When you do find them, they are rather expensive. So this year I decided I would try to grow them on our deck.

I have three large pots:
  • In one went four bulbs that I bought from Home Depot in February - two white and two magenta;
  • The other two pots each got two bulbs (not sure of the color) that my thoughtful husband bought me for Valentine's Day (although they were on back-order, so I just planted them at the end of March).
The bulbs my husband bought me are doing really well:

The DC sun has been doing its job!

The other ones have just barely broken the surface (no picture, because really, there's nothing to look at). I am worried that I planted them upside down, but hopefully they will eventually find their way to the surface!

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