October 24, 2011

Sauteed Greens with Cannellini Beans and Pasta

This recipe from Epicurious was a great way to use both the collard greens and the tatsoi from this week's CSA bag. Raw, the tatsoi tastes a little bit like mustard greens and is texturally very delicate, almost like baby spinach. The collard greens tasted a little sweet, which is certainly not an adjective I would have ever applied to collard greens.When they were cooked, however, the two greens were virtually indistinguishable and, happily, they lost any bitterness they would have had raw.

I liked this over pasta, although I would have chosen a different shape next time. To be honest, I was trying to use up a box of Giada's fusilli col buco, so that is the only reason why I chose it. Finally, I couldn't help but think that this would have been even better with some bacon!

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