July 19, 2011

Sorrel Mac and Cheese

I was really anxious about using the sorrel from my CSA bag before it went bad. I figured it is such a special ingredient that I would really be doing it (and me) a disservice if I let it turn yellow and stink up my crisper drawer. Luckily I found a recipe for mac and cheese with sorrel! A warm comforting cheesy bowl of mac and cheese was just what I needed.

Raw sorrel is really special and a total surprise if you aren't expecting it. The leaves are firm and have body, more like kale and less like lettuce, and taste like they were dipped in lemon juice. It is also highly addictive. When I was removing the leaves from the stems I found myself popping the smaller pieces into my mouth and I couldn't stop!

I don't think this recipe showcases the uniqueness of the sorrel, but it is still pretty good. The sorrel adds a subtle earthiness to the normal flavors of mac and cheese. This could have been better if I had thought to toast some breadcrumbs with parsley and parmesan to throw on top of the finished dish. Next time!

I followed Wintergreen Farm's recipe, so I won't retype it here. I don't think an entire box of pasta is necessary; I used about 3/4 box of cavatappi (my preferred shape for mac and cheese). Also, I used skim milk, because that is what I had; I am sure milk with a fat content would make this dish creamier and more delicious.

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