September 21, 2010

Spaghetti Squash

Let's discuss spaghetti squash.

It seems like a pretty harmless vegetable. Look at it - it isn't showy or demanding. It could easily be overlooked for the more interesting looking butternut squash or the prettier acorn squash. But the name gets you. "Ooh, I like spaghetti, maybe I will like spaghetti squash, too."

Then you roast it and use a fork to pull out the golden spaghetti-like strands of squash. "Oh, how pretty, how unique! This will be great!" No! The name is incredibly misleading! Don't fall for it! Yes, I will concede that the texture of the stands are delightful. But it still tastes like squash! No amount of salt, herbs or Parmigiano-Reggiano will help it!

I vote for a name change so future generations won't be tricked into thinking this squash will taste like one of humankind's greatest creations. Let's call it string squash! (Like string cheese - no one calls it spaghetti cheese!) Or how about yellow rugby ball squash! Try it in a sentence: "Yum, let's have yellow rugby ball squash as our side dish tonight! I think its flavor will complement the roast chicken perfectly."

Whatever we call it, let's please stop calling it spaghetti squash.

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